21 Oct 2019

A Platform for Pro-Bono: Taproot Plus

Lindsey Morgan

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Lindsey Morgan

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It’s pro-bono week! (October 20-26th) and we figured that makes it a perfect time to highlight an organization that has helped nonprofits receive over $150 million worth of pro-bono services dedicated to date.

What is Taproot(Plus)?

Taproot+ is a platform created and funded by the Taproot Foundation. This platform allows for nonprofit organizations to list their needs, and for skilled industry professionals to connect with them to volunteer to complete short-term (4-6 weeks) projects.

The Taproot Foundation connects nonprofits and social change organizations with passionate, skilled volunteers who share their expertise pro bono. Through our programs, business professionals deliver marketing, strategy, HR, and IT solutions that organizations need to achieve their missions.


Here are some of the categories that volunteers can help with on Taproot+:

  • HR
  • Marketing
  • Web Design
  • Branding
  • Public Relations
  • Finance


To celebrate this wonderful week and organization, Give Agency will be taking on a pro-bono project through Taproot+ before the end of the year, and will continue to complete at least 3 projects in the next year as well. We understand design and marketing as a business, but we also understand helping “the little guys” who can’t yet afford professional services.

We encourage others in the industry to take on at least one pro-bono project per year as well! AIGA suggests dedicating at least 5% of your design time to social good. Learn more at www.probonoweek.org


User Experience + Visual Designer with a Passion for Making An IMPACT.

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