How To Create A Brand Mood Board for Nonprofits

 How To Create A Brand Mood Board

Creating a brand mood board is one of the first steps toward creating a strong visual identity for your brand. Above is our first Give Agency mood board, before our latest rebrand as ADVOCATE. We still love how organic it feels.

It seems really simple, but to be honest, creating a cohesive board can be a tad bit harder than it looks. One who has tried to throw together some images they like, might have realized that they just can’t get it to look the same as mood boards that their fave design bloggers or Pinterest users have created. We understand that hiring design professionals isn’t always affordable for all nonprofit budgets. Luckily for you, we’re here to save the day with our three tips/steps for creating an awesome brand mood board for nonprofits!




Of course, before you start a mood board for a nonprofit, you should take the time to reflect on your organization’s mission. Think of ways this can be translated into imagery. For inspiration, you can look into the details of some brands or other nonprofit organizations you admire, and figure out the general look and aesthetic that you’re going for. Popular aesthetics include rustic, modern, vintage, minimalist, boho, and more. Figuring out which term is best associated with your nonprofit’s brand will help in the image search. Next, take it to Pinterest or Google Image Search. There, you can find inspiring images that make you happy and match the look you’ve created in your head. We generally stick to 5-10 images on a mood board, but collect around 20. Save them to a Pinterest board and later, a folder on your computer.


A nice collage board will be the base of your branding mood board, so it’s pretty important. If you’re Photoshop savvy, you can use rulers and grids to draw out and create your own mood board. If not (or, even if you are), there are much less time-consuming options! We recommend using online design maker, Canva. It has a ton of cool pre-made templates for blogs or social media, and plenty of grids to work with for brand mood boards! Also, as another option, you can download the selected photo options to your phone, and put them together in free collage apps such as PicStitch or Pic Jointer!


You’ll soon see that not every image you’ve collected, no matter how much you love it, works well with the other images. This is why we started out by collecting more than we really needed. Branch out into textures, colors, objects, and more. If an image just doesn’t seem to work with the other images, try placing it in different positions before eliminating it from your options completely. Selecting only a portion of the image to highlight instead of the entire picture gives a cool attention to detail look. Don’t stop working on it until you absolutely love it!

We definitely hope this information on creating a brand mood board puts you one step closer to your nonprofit’s dream branding! 

Need a little help? Feel free to contact us to start a project.




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