10 Nonprofit Blog Content Ideas

We completely understand, sometimes it can be hard to come up with blog content for your nonprofit organization. However, we also know that it’s really important not to miss out on the great opportunities that blogging for your nonprofit can provide. The great thing about creating blog content for your nonprofit is that they can simply be updates on whats going on in your world! In order to help get you started, we wanted to quickly highlight a few great nonprofit blog content ideas.

Here’s our list of 10 Nonprofit Blog Content Ideas!

  1. Provide Impact Information – State the facts! Share monthly or yearly numbers or information on the impact that your nonprofit is having in your local community, across the US, or all over the world!
  2. Interviews – Whether you’re interviewing your organizations volunteers, those you help, or those who inspire you, this is a great time to highlight them and their thoughts.
  3. Donor Post – Have someone that has donated to your cause write a post about why they specifically chose to support you and your nonprofit’s mission. This could not only inspire others to tell their story, but also each one could inspire more people to give!
  4. Create a Goals Guide – Whether it’s the amount needed to build a well or the amount needed to print the next round of t-shirts, make a list of goals attached to a specific dollar amount that can help donors see where their money is going. It often inspires people to give that amount or help raise it.
  5. Event Highlights – You can easily use your blog to post the details of upcoming nonprofit events! You can also provide event re-cap posts following your events. Fun photos help give an insight on what your organization’s events are like and often makes them want to participate in the next one!
  6. Post Opportunities – Although you may have a page on your website dedicated to volunteer or career opportunities, it doesn’t hurt to also post these to your blog, where others not particularly looking may see and spread the word!
  7. Share The Love – We’re all here for the greater good, right? If there are other non-profits like yours, compile a list and share them with your followers!
  8. Problem Post – You may have shared some info about your mission before, but here’s a chance to go deep into the problem that your nonprofit organization aims to solve. Use photos that make an impact along with the words. This is your chance to show why you’re so passionate about working towards a solution.
  9. Project Display – Announce the completion of a project that you and your donors have worked together to make happen! People love to actually SEE exactly when and how what they gave is making a difference.
  10. You – Yes, that’s right. A post about you. Whether highlighting the founder or other members of the team, people like to know about who’s doing such great things. Behind the scenes posts are also great! Show the office you work in or one of the centers you donate to. Show you and your team in action!

Have additional nonprofit blog content ideas? Feel free to share in the comments!



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